05 August 2007

Atomic Bomb Day in Hiroshima

8:15 AM, August 6, 1945.

As a human being's first nuclear arm, the atomic bomb was used in Hiroshima, Japan. Just a bomb, the bomb took over 140,000 people's lives, whether he or she was children, young people, seniors, military people, or just civilians.



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M said...

...and up until today the military industrial complex continues to pump out more and more machinery meant to destroy, with current so called advances leading to aircraft being remote controlled from control complexes in the USA, like a deadly game on a Wii, or PS3, or XBox. War becomes a game; one with just one chance for those being bombed, fired upon, while the operators sit comfortably in air-conditioned control rooms, half a world away. The money alone that say a country like China, or Russia, or the USA dumps into military development could help develop Africa, find a vaccine for some disease, etc... Bad thing is the world seems to not give a damn in the sense that even after 62 years countries are still unable to get past the idea that there is only one planet earth, that we can't move somewhere else, and that they just infight amongst themselves when push comes to shove, while the people that suffer are their citizens...