14 January 2010

オンタリオ・カレッジ・オブ・アート&デザイン | OCAD




僕は(Google Map中、空中の白と黒の外壁の建物を)空飛ぶティッシュボックスと呼んでいるが、この建物へ潜入できるので少し楽しみでもある。

Ontario College of Art & Design. It is a long name.
People in Toronto call it OCAD in a short form.

This art college is actually classified as a university in the school system of Ontario, so a province-wide college professor's strike won't affect OCAD. (Yes, it is a right for labours, but there are TOO MANY strikes of labours who work in public sectors. I may or may not mention about this later.)

I decided to take a computer application course. It is an application that I haven't updated myself for long time.

I am calling this art college's building a floating tissue paper box. I am actually looking forward to going to the inside of this building.

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