19 March 2014

"Like Father, Like Son (そして父になる)" by Hirokazu Kore-eda

I haven't watched all of Kore-eda's movies, but I have watched a few in the past. In each of his movies, I am always amazed by children's eye level of his cinematography. I watched "Like Father, Like Son (そして父になる)" at TIFF Lightbox yesterday.

If my friend didn't text me about this movie showing a day before, I would have missed the opportunity to watch this then. There were only 10 some audiences including me in the theatre. I don't want to make any spoilers of the story, but I really enjoyed the traditional, monotonous, and slow Japanese movie format and scenery of streets in Tokyo and suburbs in Kanto region. The scenes with the car made me recall the time when I was small and on the back seat of my dad's car on our way home from grandparents. Kore-eda is really great at expressing children's feelings and emotions.

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