25 January 2014

It's a Sony

Excluding some headphones I have purchased, I think this is my first Sony product after my MD (Mini-Disk) player back in the 90s. In 2000, I hated Sony's strategy to exclude Macs as Sony wanted to sell its PCs, Vaios, so I didn't purchase any Sony products. As we can see now, that was a bad decision and Walkman was totally killed by Apple's iPod.

The reason why I bought a Sony product after a decade was that I got really interested in the wearable and waterproof MP3 Walkman last year and I finally purchased it today. Waterproof? Yes, you can listen to music while you swim! Though, I don't swim often enough. I will use this in the gym and I will not need to care about the headphones and the code anymore. It is quite comfortable and light to wear and also you will be surprised how good the sound is. Yes, "it's a Sony" after all. The quality of the sound is great.

Yes, there are cons as well. If you are used to Apple products, the instruction really sucks a little. Some information is missing as well (e.g. Content Transfer, I had to download this from Sony Asia website after Googling). The buttons are kinda too small and not intuitive. Again, though, these cons also remind you Sony's good, old "it's a Sony"-get-used-to-it kind of attitude (better or worse, lol).

I highly recommend to runners and swimmers. It was secretively on $10 off sale at Futureshop so I can sense that they will have new products coming out soon?

Sony's revenge in the market may follow?

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